EDPEDP is a leader in the identification, tracking and management industry with advanced software engineering and manufacturing of pressure sensitive barcoded labels along with asset tracking systems, retail promotion and branding packages, design services, custom printing, on-demand print solutions and program installation and auditing services. We started over 26 years as the market innovator and leader in the pressure sensitive barcode labels and RFID identification and tracking industries.

Mission and vision

We provide industry solutions for a broad range of industries and work closely with resellers, end-users, and leading storage manufacturers with the highest quality products, software and support services. We promote our brands through significant investment in printing technologies, RFID hardware and software development.

Corporate office

EDP is a privately held company with production headquarters Broomfield, Colorado. Our sales representatives, resellers, distributors and professional service teams are based throughout the country and EMEA.

Media Storage & Records Management Label System

Solutions Overview

EDP offers a comprehensive media storage & records management label system of custom factory printed labels, standard on-demand label stock, custom on-demand cartridge label and file folder templates for a variety of vertical markets, along with custom software and label design services to support almost any print application for tapes, multimedia, files and other company assets or idincia applications.

Data Storage Media – Tri Optical Labels Data Stoarge Media

Label quality is critical to data management and in many ways represents one of the most important components of any media library. For over 26 years, Tri-Optic has been the world leader in media label technology, offering T10000, LTO, 3480, 3592, 9840, DLT, SDLT, 8mm AIT, 4mm and Optical barcode labels.
With over 750 million data cartridge labels in use throughout the world and a product line that covers more than 15 different removable media technologies, Tri-Optic is the market leader for many of the world’s leading storage OEM’s. We continue to improve the quality and delivery of all LTO, DLT and AIT and other generations of tape and optical technologies.

EnaSys Asset Tracking Optimizes the Data Center:

  • ½” Tape Cartridges (3480 form factor)
  • Sun T10000 Generation 1
  • Sun T10000 Generation 2
  • IBM 3592
  • Ultrium LTO and T10K RFID
  • LTO Cleaning and Diagnostic
  • SAIT
  • DLT
  • DLT Cleaning and Diagnostic
  • SDLT Cleaning and Diagnostic
  • IBM 3570
  • 8mm/AIT
  • 4mm
  • Optical
  • D2/VHS


The Colorflex brand of factory laminate and on-demand labels is the recognized leader in records management identification labels and other specialty applications. Colorflex label sheets are easy to store and use, priced competitively, and available in any quantities. Achieve consistent results on almost any printer and have the ultimate confidence when printing with Inkjet or Laser technology (laser printers recommended for volumes of 150 labels per day or more). Colorflex has helped businesses and organizations by creating over 10,000 customer label designs with over 1 billion labels in use worldwide.

Colorflex labels are designed with color coding and barcodes to ensure accurate identification, tracking and retrieval:

Color Codes

  • Available in alphabetic, straight numeric or terminal digit indexing
  • Fast, accurate filing and retrieval based on distinct color assignment to each letter and numeric character to form recognizable color blocks
  • Misfile control: misfiling is minimized with easy identification of interruption in color sequence or bands


  • Track documents and records through their life cycle
  • Identify locations where records or located or transferred or stored
  • Indicate key actions like “check-in”, “check-out”, “transfer” or “destroy”
  • Automate the indexing of files when converting to digital imaging systems

Colorflex Label Offering:

  • On-demand label stock is available in a multitude of sheet templates for general folder, patient charts, tab, diskette, envelope, shipping, address, x-ray jacket, barcoded asset labels and other file
    identification sizes and formats.
  • Factory Printed Labels are custom printed to your specification and available for immediate printing based on your volume requirement. These labels are self-adhesive and ready to be applied to virtually any folder to identify top and side tabs.
  • Match existing competitive label systems such as Tab, Smead, and GBS.
  • Factory Sheet Labels can also be specified with pre-printed number or sequences as a cost effective supplement to on-demand printing.
  • Sheet format is much easier to use than traditional roll labels for ease of printing and shared use.
  • We offer facestock with over 50 die cuts to choose from.